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Diversi-Tech’s line of INDUSTRIAL DOWNDRAFT TABLES incorporate 12 gauge metal construction, built in motor/blower combinations, front or side filter access, deep dust trays, reverse pulse filter cleaning system, and several different grating options.

Our Downdraft tables also include a unique interchangeable top section that allows us to customize the downdraft table to your specific needs.

The Diversi-Tech Difference
Diversitech Downdraft Tables offer the greatest air movement (C.F.M.) and the highest capture velocity (F.P.M) in the industry.

Diversi-Tech Downdraft tables provide affordable workstations with built in ventilation and are designed to comply with clean air legislation. Our tables capture and filter dust, smoke, and fumes and then return the filtered air to your shop floor and eliminates costly exhaust and energy loss. “Hands free method of capturing pollutants at source” have replaced more traditional roll around units with capture arms, as they are easier to use and are no more costly. Filter medias can be selected to control dust from woodworking,
plastics, composites, metal grinding and welding, as well as dust from mixing, batching, and weighing.