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  • All bucket elevators are designed and manufactured to meet all
    customer’s requirements including sanitation and safety.
  • Type 304 stainless steel frames with 2B Finish and smooth interior
  • Type 304 stainless steel tubular legs and drive frames
  • Framework and components are mounted on standoffs to reduce
    or eliminate film of water points
  • Product contact points, other than buckets, are all stainless steel
  • All welds in contact are ground smoothStainless steel shafts
  • Carbon steel sprocketsPremium carbon steel conveyor chain
  • Continuous TIG welds throughout
  • Smooth body TEFC-AC motor
  • Right Angle gear box provides reliable power transmission.
  • Minimum surface factor is 1.5
  • Stainless Steel take-up units with spring loading for simple,
    accurate chain tensioning
  • Stainless steel non-adjustable cams and guides for maintenance
    free bucket tracking
  • Sanitary UHMW Chain Guides captivate the chain to provide
    excellent stability and wear resistance
  • Standard LEXAN® Buckets – durable, tough, and sanitary
  • All stainless steel hardware, no split lock washers are used and
    aircraft lock nuts are used throughout
  • All controls carry the CULUS label

  • Gentle Handling – Fragile products can be handled without product
  • Sanitary design – careful attention to details allow us to meet or
    exceed the customer’s sanitation requirements
  • Safe – Exceeds basic OSHA safety requirements offering several
    different guarding options
  • Interlocking bucket design – rounded bucket lip sheds product and
    prevents product spillage
  • Over 10 different configurations to fit any application and/or layout needs
  • Single and Multiple discharge designs available
  • Capability to integrate with a variety of upstream and downstream equipment
  • Versatile – Serves a variety of industries and products – foods,
    chemicals, plastics, and more!
  • Right the First Time – Utilize computer-aided drafting (CAD) software
    to provide preliminary drawings with all quotations to ensure correct
    installations the first time.
  • Customization of Infeed and Discharge available to meet customer
    specific requirements, reduce product free-fall drop, and system
  • Energy Efficient – Most elevators run on fractional horse power motors
  • Long Life Cycle – Life span is measured in decades rather than years!
  • Ideal for Indexing Applications such as kit assemblies, food product
    assemblies, and more!