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The Sullivan-Palatek industrial division manufactures high efficiency electric driven, rotary screw air compressors from 5-400 HP. Our compressors provide more air at higher pressures than competitive machines.   In addition, we offer a complete line of refrigeration and desiccant dryers, air filters and condensate management systems.

Superior Air Solutions
Superior Air Solutions, bundled sets of compressor/dryer/filter in combinations to fit your particular needs.

This desiccant dryer system can also be wall mounted at your point of use.


Activated alumina F200 (F2XX) is the best all-purpose desiccant for drying air and most other gases with high relative humidities. Dewpoints of – 100° F can be achieved (depending on dryer) activated alumina F200 (F2XX) can be used in both heated and heatless/pressure swing dryers.

Activated alumina F200 (F2XX) has: excellent porosity creating tortuous paths and extended surface area; high strength against crushing; and very stable physical and chemical characteristics, even in high temperature and corrosive environments.

Activated Alumina

  • -100 & deg; F dew points obtainable
  • Unaffected by catastrophic liquid water loading
  • Ideal for both heatless and heat regenerated systems
  • Low regeneration temperature 250°F to 500°F
  • Activated Alumina Specifications

Bead size (in.) 3/16″,
Moisture removal at 40%RH 13.5%/wt
Moisture removal at 60%RH 20%/wt
Moisture removal at 100%RH 40%/wt
Crush strength (lbs) 30-70 (depends on grade)
Abrasion Loss (%/wt) <0.1

Industrial Air Compressors
“The Ultimate Performance Rotary Screw Air Compressor” provides more air at higher pressure than competitive machines.

Air Dryers
Complete line of refrigerated, cycling, deliquescent and desiccant air dryers.

Air Filters
Complete line of particulate, coalescing, mist eliminator and vapor removal filters from 20-3000 CFM.