Weighing Systems


Founded in 1949, Thayer Scale is a pioneering developer of continuous weighing and feeding equipment for the dry solids conveying and processing industries. Our conveyor belt scales and weigh feeders of both the weigh belt and loss-in-weight types, cover an extremely wide range of applications covering virtually all industries that involve dry solids conveying and processing. From loss-In-weight feeders that feed vitamins into cereals at rates below 1 pound per hour to 6-idler conveyor scales weighing coal at rates up to 10,000 tons per hour, there are more than 100 proven product variations available to suit most application requirements.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of weight-related products and process-control equipment. Within this ISO 9001 registered company, progressive new technologies merge with the wisdom of industry experience and create the future of weighing through cutting-edge research and design.

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