Field Service

For Vacuum Pumps, Systems, Compressors and Blowers

fieldservice-imageKeep your vacuum equipment running and minimize downtime with Busch Field Service.

We offer onsite Field Service programs tailored to meet your requirements, schedule and budget.

We take into consideration all systems, pumps and components,
as well as various process-specific requirements of your application. Routine maintenance and services will be completed based on the recommended intervals for your parts, as well as your schedule.

Busch Field Service can also provide support during pump or system failure, technical assistance and routine pump inspections.

With our program, you get access to our network of service technicians’ extensive experience gained through servicing
thousands of vacuum pumps across all industries.

We only perform vacuum pump and system service in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and with original spare parts.
Getting Started

Contact a Busch service specialist nearest you today to discuss your Field Service options*. After a site survey, your field service specialist will work together with you to determine your onsite service needs based upon your particular pumps or system components, your process requirements and your schedule.

Detailed records of all maintenance/repair work will be provided to you each time work is performed. You will also receive the peace of mind of knowing that more extensive maintenance tasks will always be discussed and approved by you prior to the completion of the work.

* Onsite field services are not yet available in all locations. Contact Busch to learn more.

The benefits at a glance

  • Service and maintenance provided onsite
  • Preventative maintenance and/or service support with a contract
  • Reduced production downtime
  • Use of genuine OEM parts in all repair work
  • Support on many manufacturers’ products