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Busch designs and manufactures a wide range of high performance industrial vacuum pumps and vacuum systems that are used in many industries around the world.

Busch LLC. is an ISO 9001-2000 registered company, committed to quality vacuum products, customer satisfaction, and prompt after-sales service. Dr. Karl Busch designed the first Busch vacuum pump in 1963 for the meat packaging industry. From that beginning, Busch has grown to become a worldwide leader in vacuum technology with four manufacturing plants and 30 companies worldwide. Busch prides itself in being a problem-solving company that provides solutions to vacuum design challenges all over the world.

Busch Vacuum pumps and systems these including vane type and oil-free, screw pumps and blowers. We stock most common parts and provide full repair service for the standard pumps.

Busch Factory Service

Your Busch pump is designed to give you optimum performance, efficient operation and outstanding dependability.  Busch offers a valuable combination of total service support and engineering expertise to ensure maximum uptime and low cost of ownership throughout the life of your pump.  Strategically located regional factory service facilities maintain a large parts inventory and are staffed with factory trained service technicians, who are ready to assist you with all your equipment needs.

R5 Series
The modular, simply designed Busch R5 series, rotary vane vacuum pumps are single stage, air-cooled, and direct driven. These oil-recirculating pumps are used in a variety of industries such as packaging, food processing, injection molding, thermoforming, printed circuit board testing, and hospitals, to mention a few. Displacements range from 3 to 1130 CFM. Three models are available: The RC for applications to 15 torr (29.3"Hg); the RB for applications to 2 torr (29.9"Hg); and the RA for applications to 0.5 torr (29.9"Hg).

The COBRA single stage, direct driven, dry vacuum pumps, with their unique rotary screws, are designed for difficult applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. They require no intercoolers and offer greater efficiency and easier maintenance than other types of vacuum pumps. COBRA NC pumps provide pressure down to 0.075 torr, and displacements up to 210 CFM, while COBRA AC pumps offer pressure down to 0.05 torr, and displacements up to 495 CFM.  COBRA AC pumps are direct cooled with labyrinth seals and COBRA NC pumps are available as direct cooled or with closed loop evaporative cooling.  The COBRA NC has mechanical seals.

The Busch Mink is a rotary claw-type, positive displacement, dry pump designed for either pressure or vacuum applications. It is available as a single or two-stage vacuum pump. The dry, non-contacting design makes the Mink ideal for pneumatic conveying, printing, soil remediation, and any application where dust particles may be present. The Mink pressure models have a maximum pressure of 29.4 psig and displacements to 376 CFM.  The Mink vacuum models have an end vacuum range of 22.5" Hg to 29.3" Hg, depending on the model, and have displacements to 376 CFM.

The Busch Merlin is a rotary claw-type, positive displacement, combination vacuum, and pressure pump. The Merlin pump is ideal for the printing industry, and is especially designed to serve the demanding needs of sheet-fed presses.  The Merlin pressure/vacuum pumps reach pressures to 10 psig and vacuum to 18" Hg on the first stage and 15" Hg on the second stage.

Panda and Puma vacuum boosters are dry-running vacuum generators that can be used with a forepump in all rough and fine vacuum processes. In this type of vacuum system, these pumps act as a booster to greatly increase the output of the backing pump.  Versions of the Puma/Panda series type: WP/WPA (industrial, standard), WV (industrial, with bypass valve), WY (Semicon, gas-tight) and WZ (Semicon, with bypass valve, gas-tight).

Samos regenerative blowers are designed for either vacuum or pressure operation. They are available in single- or two-stage designs to handle a wide range of flow and differential pressure requirements.