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HAF Equipment manufactures a complete line of sanitary filter receivers for the food industry. Developed originally for the dairy industry and later configured for the food and general industrial industry. Our modular line is suitable for line sizes from 1.5″ to 5″ diameter.  Heavy duty construction includes all heavy-wall TIG welded housings.  Units can run in batch or continuous modes.

Specially designed inlet and placement of filter media reduces loading on filter media allowing for incredibly high throughput. Common blender batch filling operations with a 4″ convey line and 50 foot run have yielded rates higher than 500 pounds per minute. Units are CIP-able and suitable for USDA Dairy operations.

Four sizes are available in each series to suit nearly every application. Special integrated live bin dis-chargers and over-sized surge hoppers are available as well.

The original Moovinator was introduced to the market in 1999. Since its inception, we have spent years perfecting every aspect and detail through feedback from our customers (operators). Moovinator is the story of cutting our own path and backing it up with over 15 years of in the plant experience. Developed especially for use in process applications where fast change overs and sanitation are important. Moovinator HL works in either pressure or vacuum convey systems.

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