Henderson www.saharahenderson.com Sahara Air Products, a Division of Henderson Engineering Co., Inc., was founded in 1957 by Joe Henderson to provide engineered solutions for air system problems. Mr. Henderson's philosophy was to thoroughly examine the unique requirements of each customer and to develop the most economical and reliable system solution for that application. This trademark of engineered solutions exists at Sahara today, as the second generation of Henderson’s continues the tradition of product excellence and customer service. Sahara's reputation for high quality, innovative products, and customer loyalty quickly grew. All products are manufactured at the corporate headquarters in Sandwich, Illinois, 60 miles west of Chicago. Living and working in the country has proven to be a tremendous benefit. Sahara employees are true team members concerned with providing our customers with high quality, responsive service. Because we have very little turnover, our experience is unmatched. The heart of our company has always been engineering; finding novel solutions to our customers' unique applications. M.C. Schroeder sales engineers have the expertise to review your plant air system and design the optimum engineered solution. This saves you time and money. We use the most modern tools available. Drawings are done on CAD and can be transmitted via email for immediate customer review and approval. Our reputation has been built by building dryers specially designed for each specific application. We are one of the few dryer manufacturers who can completely design and fabricate a dryer to each and every customer's specifications.