Volkmann www.volkmannusa.com VOLKMANN engineers and produces: Vacuum-Conveyors and Transfer systems for powder, dust, pigments, granulated material, tablets and small pieces. Our focus is to offer the best available solution for your application - the one with the highest customer benefit. Our VR and PPC Vacuum-Conveyors are ATEX certified according EC Guideline 94/9/EG for the Explosion-Zones 1, 2, 20, 21 und 22 (EX II 1 D c 80°C / II 2 GD 100°C). Special conditions for the use apply. Also available: Vacuum-Conveyors for the unloading of materials into Zone 0 and Pressure-Proof / Pressure-Shock-Proof Vacuum-Conveyors. Vacuum Pumps - multiple stage compressed air driven Venturis - Multijector Vacuum Pumps- for Handling applications with superior Airflow characteristics and highest efficiency. The unique energy-saving efficiency of Multijectors nozzle systems are a direct result of our long-year expertise in fluid-dynamics. Volkmann Varijector Venturis offer a linear directed flow straight through the Venturi without any other internal parts. Customized Vacuum Pumps with special characteristics available. Vacuum Cups, vacuum filters, vacuum switches and other vacuumcomponents for the automated material handling available ex stock. Vacuum units for the suction of Liquids, for the aspiration, collection and recycling of oil, emulsion and grease inside production areas. These units even run with liquids, which have a high content of metal chips, e.g. from grinding or milling. Dry-cleaning Machines for the pre-cleaning and drying of machined parts. Our dry-cleaning process runs with Vacuum and blowing-air only: No chemicals are required! The parts are dried, all metal chips from grinding, milling, turning etc. are cleaned off. And the big plus: The cooling-agent (oil, emulsion ...) is completely recovered. Your costs for waste management are reduced. What Are You Doing to Assess and Manage Explosion Hazards? Explosion risk is a fact of life with dust collection and powder processing systems. Assessing the danger and designing safeguards is vital. But it's complicated. And can be expensive. There is an easier way: Volkmann vacuum conveying equipment. Volkmann conveying equipment is ATEX certified for explosion-proof applications. It helps you manage explosion risks without installing additional equipment. Volkmann Conveyors specifically address the 13th ignition source listed by ATEX — the risk of ignition by electrostatic discharge on all powdered materials that have a Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) rating of > 3mJ and can go as low as 1 mJ with certain conveying restrictions. (The first twelve potential ignition sources, including impact, friction, heating and electrical sparks, are not a concern in operations using Volkmann Conveyors.) Get the facts about Volkmann. Volkmann VS and PPC vacuum conveyors are ATEX certified for Explosion Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. For more information: