Vacuum Consultancy

for Vacuum Pumps, Compressors and Blowers

vacuumconsultGet the vacuum system support you need to choose and maintain the most optimal system for your needs.

Busch engineers combine technical expertise with in-depth product knowledge to deliver unmatched application support for chemical, industrial and laboratory processes that utilize vacuum. From simple point-of-use pump solutions, to complex multi-pump systems, or anything in between, the Busch team will help you make the right decisions for your vacuum needs.

The efficiency of vacuum systems can be affected by growing production demands, rising energy costs and increased maintenance and repair costs. And even minor changes in your production process can reduce the efficiency of your system and increase equipment wear and energy consumption. With a vacuum system that is optimized for your process, you have a more efficient system that meets your current production and operation needs and will be better suited to handle production and other unplanned changes.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new vacuum system, replace an existing one, or just optimize the equipment that you already have in place, our Vacuum Consulting service can provide you with an opportunity to increase efficiency and output.

Getting Started

Contact Busch to discuss your options with one of our vacuum specialists today.

If needed, we will visit your plant to analyze your current equipment and provide recommendations for the optimization of your current system, or a cost-savings analysis for providing you with a new vacuum system installation to meet your needs.

The benefits at a glance

  • Vacuum pump, system and pipe sizing
  • Increased production and energy savings
  • Technology and materials selection
  • Possible noise reduction and leak detection
  • Energy-saving options including variable speed controls
  • Leak detection